Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Please Visit My Homepage

Please take a moment to visit my homepage. Once there you will find a link to my resume, podcast, and videocast.



Thursday, May 24, 2007


It is safe to say my new best friend is Lauren Archer. Yet again, a bit confused on the do's and dont's of Apple computers.

This webcast orginated with a 937 picture slideshow. I figured putting the images to audio would be no problem. HA! Apparently DVDpro eats files and I should have been using Final Cut Pro instead. No worries- Lauren worked with me for over 2 hours to upload, edit, and burn 6 DVDs with a total of 14 minutes of pictures.

We shortened the file to be only a minute long so that it could be easily uploaded to the internet using a quicktime file.

The time to download the orginal file would have taken several days! =)


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barack's Blog

On Barack Obama's website, http://www.barackobama.com/, it is more of a community blog than one that he authors. I find this interesting, because it allows people within his team to upload images and stories of events from that specific time period. I find it impressive how often the site is updated and new entries are posted. There are usually 4-5 comments per post as well. This proves that there is a following of the blog and people are reading the entries.

My personal opinion did not change after reading these blog entries. I was impressed by his podcasts that are avalible. This proves that he's reaching out to people in a very non-invasive, and innovative way. I think the blog is being used to its potential with all of the stories and pictures of his campaign. The audience of this blog is appropriate- info seeking democrats that may be interested in up the minute happenings of the campaign.

If I had to guess, I would say that Barack Obama's team is using the ablity to blog to get feedback from comments left on the site. Also, the blog serves as an informatant for the campaign and its sucesses.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rage against You Tube


Viacom initiating a litigation against You Tube reminds me of the music industry raging against Napster, way back when. You Tube has functioned without falling under the umbrella of the Digital Millenuium Copyright Act (DMCA). Because You Tube "stores copyrighted material soley and simply at the direction of the user, it is not infringing a copyright.

I personallly have only accessed You Tube several times, not for entertainment pruposes, but to view commercials and spots for a educational purposes. I do not use You Tube to search for Copyrighted information- I usually go right to the source to see such media. (Grey's Anatomy on ABC.com, for example.)

I think that if media companies are smart they will partner with You Tube to allow for viewers to access scenes from shows, trailers, etc. This fan loyalty is important for the future success of the show- media producers would be silly not to!

As far as the DCMA, I think that as long as You Tube has staff responsible for removing copyrighted material, without permission of the media companies, You Tube is acting responsibly. I do not think movies and television shows should be aired in their entirety. However, funny clips from movies and television shows are always good for viral media- increasing overall viewership.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To Podcast or not to Podcast, that is the question!

Let me just start by saying, this was definately an experience! It started with the digital audio recorder being placed on a setting that would not allow playback of what was recorded. Sitting on the phone with tech support trying to figure out what my error could possibly be... Turns out that a 1/3 setting is totally different than a 1/8 setting!

After downloading my 8 minute interview to my desktop, which by the way- Mac computers are slightly to VERY differnt than my PC that I am so accustomed to using- I thought I was doing alright.

Editing the track in Garage Band, adding pre-packaged music, and cutting out the akward times that Erin and I were laughing, was actually quite entertaining.

The final product was justifiably an "A" for effort. Quality? Debateable!

After uploading the podcast and linking it to my blog-(man, I almost sound "hip" or "cool" with my modern technology lingo!) it was all worth it. I have sent the link to my friends, which I think they will enjoy.

Podcasting in the future? Hmmm.. depends. Am I getting paid for my sweet skills? This is kind of making me wish I had access to a Mac more often. But, don't tell my PC that!

Podcast- Interview with Erin Cochran

My first attempt at Podcast- Enjoy!